Friday, May 25, 2007

Thanks for all the posts so far. I think this will serve as a very efficient way to share our information in a way that will be very easy to recall as needed. Also, with summer starting this weekend, who's still interested in having a reunion? Please hit the comments link directly below this post to let me know if you are. All the best.


Don said...


I would like to see a Jaubert Family reunion in mid to late August. I think that New Orleans would be the proper place to have it.

Does anyone know who or what is in the Jaubert Building on Magazine St.? Could we go in it ? How about the Jaubert Homes on St. Charles Ave.? Do you think that we could go into the home?

Let's do it ! ! !


Adam said...

Mid to late August sounds good to me as of right now. You know how hot it is in New Orleans in August, I assume.

The Jaubert building on Magazine Street is now a hotel that has been renovated by a wealthy businessman in New Orleans. Jean-Claude met him and I believe was offered cheap rent for a night's stay there. I will search for contact information and find out if we might be able to stay there. As for the home, I'm not sure who owns it, but I wouldn't be opposed to knocking on the door when we are there.

peggy said...

I love the idea of a reunion - anytime and preferably in New Orleans. It seems the appropriate place (and I also love it there - I'm not far away and go as often as possible).
I'm also willing to knock on doors.
We might want to consider doing some stuff during the week - not sure, but the old Jaubert bldg. could possibly be a hotel (like everything else downtown these days!)