Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fortune Jaubert article in NO Bee

I ran across an article on the shooting of Fortune Jaubert in the New Orleans Bee (New Orleans' French newspsper), Fri. Sept. 15, 1916. The article is in French and I could not get it to copy without losing a lot of resolution. So. I saved the link and will post it here.

I also found Fortune Jaubert's obit in the same paper (that Saturday)


Don said...

Peggy, Thanks for the Jaubert article in the New Orleans Bee, could not read it, but it is the same as the English article.

Also, no picture to the 2nd part, or am I doing something wrong.


peggy said...

The obit did not post. Obviously, I am the one who is doing something wrong (I just don't know what, or I'd fix it).
The obit was from the Bee also and is in French

GLS said...

I read with interest the article about the shooting of Mr. Jaubert. I also, could not read the obit. I am a nephew by marriage of Fortune III. Was this man his father, Fortune Jr.?