Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hi all cousins out there. My Louisiana and Alabama (formerly LA) cousins and I went to L'Ubaye in October. I have been captivated by this area, it's people and it's history. I am planning on gathering it all into a book, computer generated not published in the old fashioned way. But Francoise Bovo had been busy digging into our ancestry and the oldest name she has found takes us into the 15 hundreds and adds many names to the ancestral pool including several more Jauberts and Italian ancestry as well. She sent it to me. I put it into the form you will find here and cross checked and corrected with her several times to make sure of accuracy. 

The thing I find most fascinating about the area is the history back to the beginning of human inhabitants in an are with little in and out except for defined populations. I plan to compile some historical background and again check with Francoise for accuracy. I am on the trail of publications on the valleys of the French Alps and their culture and there are historical events in the valley that our ancestors, who ever they were lived through.

In my searching I found out the Tour de France will be riding into Jausiers over the Col de la Bonette-Restefond on July 22nd. That means it will come into Jausiers right in front of the place we stayed.

I am posting these genealogy charts in PDF form. If you want it in word just email me and I will pass it on. One in particular you may want to change to fit your side of the family and even the others you may want to add to later and I might not be around.



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